The penghuindrome

La Resistance | Know your Enemies

In the early days, before the surface of the earth had cooled, giant penghuins ruled the earth . . .

Educating the next generation is especially important

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Now the once mighty penghuin is confined to the very poles, to habitats where a weaker species would quickly meet its doom. But deep in the Antartic, a plot is being hatched on the feet of the wily penghuin.

With their carefully selected and tested army of human allies, the penghuin coup is mere months from completion. Only those humans that supported the penghuin uprising will escape the drudgery of the fishing boats.

Do not make the mistake of spelling penghuin without the "h." The truncated spelling of the noble birds' name is a foul propaganda campaign on the part of MAPSF agents. (See "Know your Enemies")