The penghuindrome
La Resistance


La Resistance | Know your Enemies

Certain humans have succeeded in winning the trust of the penghuin oligarchy. Most have died trying.

Starting your own cell

1) Each cell must have at least five members
2) No member (except the leader) may know more than any other two members
3) Each member must vow their total submission to the penghuins
4) This loyalty must be tested
5) When your cell is ready for an assignment, you will be contacted by La Resistance. We know where you are.
6) Testing by La Resistance begins immediately

In each region of the globe, the penghuin resistance has its cells of freedom fighters. These agents take their lives into their own hands each day on missions from their secretive penghuin masters.

The leader of the US-Northeast cell, Brad Johnson, describes the life of a penghuinista this way: "I live for the penghuins; someday I will die for them. This is as it should be."

Brad Johnson, US - Northeast leader at a recent conference

Brad Johnson is currently on the run, having been detected by the MAPSF (militant anti-penghuin strike force). To find out how to help him evade capture, or to report anyone aiding the MAPSF, email La Resistance.

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